Ancient astronauts

Ancient Astronauts

Minimalist leather wallet
Available colour: Chestnut, Rainforest, Ox Blood

Vintage and minimalist card holder.

The thinnest wallet on earth.
No bulge in your pants.
No bulge in your jacket.
Tap the wallet to pay.

Storage for 4-5 cards out of the box when the leather is brand new.
After some time the leather will be more pliable so that you can carry about 5-6 cards.


Made exclusively with high-end saddle leather from the Wickett & Craig tannery of North America.

Our wallets are traditionally hand-stitched with a waxed polyester shoe maker thread (not because it's cool and crafty but because it's much stronger than machine stitched).

The final step to all our projects is to force hot organic beeswax into the edges to "seal" our products from the elements thus increasing their longevity.


The natural oils from your hands will do most of the care for your wallet.
Everyday wear will improve the appearance of the leather as it will become shinnier.

However, many years from now, if you wish to rehydrate your product you may apply a thin coat of high quality leather oil/grease and wait a few hours for the leather fibers to absorb it all.


Free in Canada, eh !
15$ flat rate international